MindSelf Journal Standalone Product Pay Only Once

With this ©MindSelf Journal you get the August 2021 edition (which is undated inside, so it can be used any month of the year) as a one time standalone product, which is a downloadable premium E-Journal in the form of a PDF, that you can download to use repeatedly each and every day of the month throughout the year. This is a must-do, if you want to rewire your brain for success and happiness on a permanent basis. This MindSelf Journal will enable you to: Stop self-sabotaging and stop self-doubting. Stop procrastinating. Boost your productivity. Be open to new and better opportunities. Feel better about yourself and your life. Boost your confidence. Increase your self-esteem. Feel better about your body. Have more clarity, to make more informed and better decisions. Stop that constant, nagging seesaw of emotions, that's like a rope around your neck and constantly weighing you down. Permanently, make these changes stick.